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Cave Life in the Bonne Femme Watershed


Missouri is sometimes called "The Cave State" because caves are so abundant throughout Southern Missouri and the Missouri and Mississippi River border areas. The Missouri Speleological Survey has recorded the locations of about 6300 caves. Many people find caves to be fun places to explore, places to see beautiful stalactites of calcite and to challenge one's fear of the dark and unknown. Adding to the mysterious surroundings are mysterious animals. Bats, with their unique insect-catching abilities of flight and echolocation, sleep through the winter while hanging from cave ceilings in the mild year-round temperatures. Other creatures are unlike anything seen above ground. They lack color and eyes and manage to live quite well in an environment with no light or plants.

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Heroes of Watershed

Boy looking at algae in his fishing net

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Quarterly Spotlight

Blue heron in flight

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Current Bonne Femme Climate Conditions

Wind Speed: 2 mph

Gust Speed: 6 mph

Wind Direction: ENE 73°

Temperature: 46.57 °F

Relative Humidity: 64.90 %

Rain: 4.314 in

Dew Point: 0.00 °F