GBFWI Implementation Committee

GBFWI Implementation Sub-Committees

Agricultural BMPs Subcommittee

This subcommittee will be working to develop a strategy for working with farmers to install best management practices on their property to help improve water quality in the watershed. There will also be demonstration projects at MU's South Farm.

Monitoring Subcommittee

As a part of this effort, we will be monitoring water quality and soil health improvements from installation of best management practices. This will include developing a monitoring schedule for nitrogen, phosphorus, sediment and E. coli on the water quality side, among others, and for phospholipid fatty acids, total organic carbon, and nitrogen on the soil health side.

Outreach and Communication Subcommittee

We are focusing on all landowners in the watershed, trying to create events and possibly programs (an incentive program for installing native vegetation on residential properties, as an example) to communicate what we are trying to achieve. Stakeholder engagement is a primary focus here.

One Health Subcommittee

This subcommittee is adding a new element for people to consider - the intersection of human health (we have defined as the benefits of getting outside), environmental health (benefits of eating locally grown healthy foods), and animal and plant health (how is the ecosystem doing?). Many of our agency partners are launching One Health programs, so this ties in well with those initiatives and should bring more stakeholders to the Initiative.

Wildlife Habitat Restoration Subcommittee

We have started working on a plan for mapping existing wildlife habitat in the Greater Bonne Femme Watershed. We hope to be able to identify areas that would benefit from wildlife habitat restoration, which simultaneously will improve water quality (more native plants, fewer invasive species, restored riparian corridor, etc.).

Planning Subcommittee

This subcommittee will include representatives from Boone County, the cities of Columbia and Ashland, major utilities and other interested parties. The goal is to develop a shared vision for restoration and protections of streams in the Greater Bonne Femme Watershed. This includes more consistency in regulations and being proactive rather than reactive in our vision.

Archived Committee Information

These documents clarify the roles of the various committees:

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