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EPT Indexing

EPT indexing is a method of assessing the biological health of a stream. Aquatic Macroinvertebrates (larval and pupae stages of bugs that live in the water) are collected; from these, three orders (Ephemeroptera (mayflies), Plecoptera (stoneflies), and Tricoptera (caddisflies)) are identified to the species level. Many of these organisms are not tolerant to pollution, so their presence in a stream is a cumulative measure of stream health.

For the full report of the assessment of the Bonne Femme streams:

Final Report to BCWC 4-06

Final Report to BCWC_5-07

Dye Tracing

Dye tracing is a method of determing where water flows in underground karst conduits. The Project completed dye tracing to further delineate the surface areas that supply water to the two major cave systems. For more info, see:

Bonne Femme Watershed Project Dye Trace Final Report

Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Final report


Raw water quality data from April, 1999 through March, 2002 may be found here.

These files contain raw water quality data.

2003 3rd quarter

2003 4th quarter

2004 1st quarter

2004 2nd quarter

2004 3rd quarter

2004 4th quarter

2005 1st quarter

2005 2nd quarter

2005 3rd Quarter

2005 4th Quarter

2006 1st Quarter

2006 2nd Quarter

2006 3rd Quarter

2006 4th Quarter

2007 1st Quarter

2007 2nd Quarter_final