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Subwatershed Sensitivity Analysis

CDs containing electronic copies of the report are available (contact us if interested).  Hard copies of the report are located for public viewing at Daniel Boone Regional Library, Boone County Planning and Building Inspection, and the Southern Boone County Public Library.

Chapters of the report may be downloaded below.  Note that the Executive Summary (chapter 1) covers the important aspects of the report. 

Table of Contents and cover page (273 kb)

Chapter 1 Executive Summary (197 kb)

Chapter 2 Introduction (203 kb)

Chapter 3 Goals and Objectives (72 kb)

Chapter 4 GIS data acquistion and inventory (166 kb)

Chapter 5 Watershed Characteristic Assessment (431 kb)

Chapter 6 Stream Sensitivity Analysis Model (576 kb)

Chapter 7 Stream Carrying Capacity (412 kb)

Chapter 8 Landscape Functions Model (197 kb)

Chapter 9 Implications of Watershed Carrying Capacity Analysis (90 kb)

Chapter 10 Best Management Practices (1.52 Mb)

Chapter 11 Policy Considerations and Recommendations (166 kb)

Chapter 12 Literature Cited (76 kb)

Appendix 1 (11.3 Mb)

Appendix 2 (2.5 Mb)

Errata as of 30 Sept 2005 hard copy

The maps for the report can be downloaded here. In addition, we have created an interactive map viewer for you to look at maps as you might like to see them created.